Monday, July 20, 2009

Bloom Once Again.....

i wish life could be
a simple, carefree
joyride into the sunset
day after day;

how i wish
trouble could be
swatted aside
like a fly;

got to spend time,
got to make time,
got to spend more time
got to make more time

got to fight the inevitable,
got to live to fight the inevitable,
got to rise up time after time
just to fight to live another day;

days when trouble stays far away,
days when trouble clings like
leeches do and suck my hope
and confidence dry;

life is not the same
as it used to be,
times have changed,
yet i stayed put and fought on;

even as the ice got thinner
and thinner under me
i stayed around hoping
when spring comes along,
the life that i have buried
deep inside, would start to
bloom once again;

Facing life once again.....

flying inside the realms of my mind
i got lost in the neverland,
living life
with carefree joy;

nothing lasts forever
not even happiness
in this tiny planet
that we call home;

my happiness was shortlived
the moment i was forced to grow up
from a happy go lucky child
into an adult overnight;

travelling through the maze of time
i fell asleep
halfway through
what’s supposed to be
important part of the journey (of life);

got distracted a bit
got bored a lot
eventually my eyes
did the ultimate trick;

as i slowly woke up
from this slumber
i realized a good couple of years
had passed without me knowing;

life must have been so mundane
and uninteresting, that i must
have failed to notice
time slowly and quitely drifting past;

trying to reclaim what i lost
is a futile exercise,
no point in reliving the life
that i have foregone;

as dawn approached, realizing
i needed to do something fast,
i slowly opened all the windows
and let the light shine through;

Friday, June 19, 2009

welcome 2 everyone

im totally a new blogger n ther yet so much for me to learn about the blogging trend nowadays.
i hope as a beginner i have to strive to learn new things in this blogging field, i would like to advance maself as soon as possible,ur guidance is a crucial one for me to achive da purpose of blogging.TQ